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Denver Home Demand Increases!- No end in sight.

The DATA is in and Denver home buyers are still craving more properties.

There was a 55% increase in sold homes in may compared to last year and 109 more than in April. The most surprising change though came with inventory levels. April saw a 38% increase in available homes for sale over 2020, however Denver's usual May boom in listings just didn't happen as hopped. Differing greatly from April, May saw a 12% Decrease in available homes compared to last year. There were even less new listings in may than there were in April. There is a slight increase in houses under contract from the surplus of listings that hit the market last month. Homes are flying off the shelf. With an insane average of only 11 days on market.

What does all this mean? Demand is high and supply is low. There is a big shortage of homes out there right now. If you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one. Make sure you give us a call. In these times you need an experienced Brokerage to protect you.

Call or text Falko Realty today at 303-222-0058. You can also email us at

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