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Douglas Heath Moore

After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1997, Doug moved to the Vail Valley because he felt it was an idyllic place to reside and to raise a family. Along with his wife Julie and their three kids (Hallie, Addison and William) they spend countless hours enjoying all activities, festivals and enrichment that living in the mountains provides.

Doug worked the financial sector as a Fixed Income trader with offices in Chicago, San Diego and Edwards. He traded complex spread trades over the US Treasury’s and European markets simultaneously on the CBOT and CME Exchanges. He executed and managed 20 millions dollars on a daily basis between both Exchanges.

In the last 10 years Doug has focused his energy on providing high net worth clients an exceptional level of service, working with their all aspects of their second home ownership in the Vail Valley. Doug has worked for the finest resort management companies in the world and was nominated for the exclusive Five Star Award from The Ritz-Carlton. Doug has worked hard to gain a strong knowledge of the Vail Valley and build a network of clients that equally enjoy everything this amazing location in the mountains has to offer, as well as his full service approach to real estate.

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