Sam Loree

Broker Associate

Sam is originally from Houston, TX where he was raised to work hard and hustle even harder. He grew up playing football, shooting shotguns and lifting weights. With 100% Texan parents he started his career in football and weight lifting at age 4 and went on to play for multiple clubs and ultimately become captain of his High School football team as a freshman. He then moved on to powerlifting and strongman training to stay in shape. He loved to shoot for fun and was a 25/25 shot at his local gun club.

At age 17 he opened his own construction business specializing in Welding and provided his services to both commercial and residential clients. His intensive work ethic and desire to serve others led him to working in the resturant industry where he worked his way up from a dishwasher to a 5 star restaurant as a lead server at a well known steakhouse while in his early 20’s. Simultaneously, Sam graduated from college majoring in Geology and Paleontology and minoring in Bussiness and Sports Science.

When he was 23, while working in restaurants, he met the love of his life, Summer. Shortly there after they moved to Maui to spend a year on the beach and to visit Summer’s family. They then moved to Denver with their English Bulldog where Sam could peruse his Strongman career and get started in the real estate business. With his 360 pound 5,10 frame Sam is a soft spoken big teddy bear.

Sam’s passion and hustle led him to Falko Realty LLC where he is ready to serve you. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a new home buyer, Sam will provide 5 star service to you and your family.